Welcome to the Dilemma of Difference

Welcome to the Dilemma of Difference blog that has been set up by academics working in Special Education at the University of East London.  We are all writing in a personal capacity and hope to encourage others to share thoughts or discussion on any element of Special Educational Needs or Disability.

Our team is made up of people with a range of different SEND backgrounds: some of us have worked in mainstream schools, others in special schools or colleges with young people on the Autism Spectrum or with Profound and Multiple differences; some have been headteachers or SENCOs, some have supported behaviour or particular learning differences or worked for the voluntary sector, some are also parents of disabled children.  So our strength is in our diversity and difference of opinion as well as our range of experience.

Read our blog posts here:

What is the Dilemma of Difference ?

Social and Emotional Well-being

Constructing stereotypes of Autism

Taking on the Identity of ‘Special Needs’

Reflections on Employable Me

Reflections on the role of SENCO

An Open Letter to Educators: On Education for Social Justice and Inclusion

Our Desire to Sift, Sort, Label and Categorise

Inclusion and Care in the Community: parallel agendas with similar outcomes?

Austerity : We’re all in it together….aren’t we?

How Inclusive is our Children’s Literature?

The Case of the Disappearing Wheelchair

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